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Version: 0.18.0



Any type that implements Component can be used in the html! macro:

use yew::html;
html! {    <>        // No properties        <MyComponent />
        // With Properties        <MyComponent prop1="lorem" prop2="ipsum" />
        // With the whole set of props provided at once        <MyComponent with props />    </>}


Components can be passed children if they have a children field in their Properties.
use yew::html;
html! {    <Container id="container">        <h4>{ "Hi" }</h4>        <div>{ "Hello" }</div>    </Container>}

When using the with props syntax, the children passed in the html! macro overwrite the ones already present in the props.

use yew::{html, props, Children};
let props = yew::props!(Container::Properties {    id: "container-2",    children: Children::default(),});html! {    <Container with props>        // props.children will be overwritten with this        <span>{ "I am a child, as you can see" }</span>    </Container>}

Here's the implementation of Container:

use yew::{html, Children, Component, Html, Properties};
#[derive(Properties, Clone)]pub struct Props {    pub id: String,    pub children: Children,}
pub struct Container(Props);impl Component for Container {    type Properties = Props;
    // ...
    fn view(&self) -> Html {       html! {           <div>               { self.0.children.clone() }           </div>       }    }}

Nested Children with Props#

Nested component properties can be accessed and mutated if the containing component types its children. In the following example, the List component can wrap ListItem components. For a real world example of this pattern, check out the yew-router source code. For a more advanced example, check out the nested-list example in the main yew repository.

use yew::html;
html! {    <List>        <ListItem value="a" />        <ListItem value="b" />        <ListItem value="c" />    </List>}
use yew::{html, ChildrenWithProps, Component, Html, Properties};
#[derive(Properties, Clone)]pub struct Props {    pub children: ChildrenWithProps<ListItem>,}
pub struct List(Props);impl Component for List {    type Properties = Props;
    // ...
    fn view(&self) -> Html {        html!{{            for self.0.children.iter().map(|mut item| {                item.props.value = format!("item-{}", item.props.value);                item            })        }}    }}

Relevant examples#