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Version: 0.18.0



The html! macro always requires a single root node. In order to get around this restriction, it's valid to wrap content in empty tags:

use yew::html;
html! {    <>        <div></div>        <p></p>    </>}
use yew::html;
/* error: only one root html element allowed */html! {    <div></div>    <p></p>}


Yew supports two different syntaxes for building html from an iterator:

use yew::{html, Html};
html! {    <ul class="item-list">        { self.props.items.iter().map(renderItem).collect::<Html>() }    </ul>}
use yew::html;
html! {    <ul class="item-list">        { for self.props.items.iter().map(renderItem) }    </ul>}

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