External Libs

Libraries that can help with yew development


Yewtil is a collection of common utilities that help you write Yew programs. It includes:

  • NeqAssign - As discussed earlier, is the best way to assign props to ensure minimal re-rendering.

  • PureComponents - Components that don't update any of their state. Using NeqAssign under the hood, they act as memoized

    functions that are called from inside the html! macro like normal components are.

  • Lrc - linked list reference counted smart pointer functions like Rc does, but allows for novel data update patterns.

  • Mrc/Irc - Mutable/Immutable reference counted smart pointers that function like Rc but are more ergonomic to use

    within Yew, due to implementing DerefMut and BorrowMutfor Mrc. This allows Mrc to be used with NeqAssign.

    Irc acts as an immutable view into the data, which makes this ideal for holding data used in display-only tasks.

  • History - A history tracking wrapper that uses a VecDeque to hold on to previous values that it has represented.

  • Futures - Support for running futures that send messages to component update loops.

  • Fetch - Abstractions for handling fetch requests made using web_sys and the aforementioned futures feature.

Looking For

Libraries that the ecosystem needs, but doesn't have yet.

Bootstrap/MaterialUi/arbitrary css framework component wrappers.

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