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A proposal for integrated CSS support can be found here:

This contains a lot of discussion about how to best integrate CSS support into Yew.

Currently, the approach we have adopted is to encourage developers to build many systems, before adopting the most popular one.

The community is currently developing several projects to make it easy to add styles to projects. A few are given below:

Component Libraries

  • yew_styles - A styling framework for Yew without any JavaScript dependencies.
  • yew-mdc - Material Design Components.
  • muicss-yew - MUI CSS Components.
  • Yewtify – Implements the features provided by the Vuetify framework in Yew.

Styling Solutions

  • stylist - A CSS-in-Rust styling solution for WebAssembly Applications.
  • tailwind-css - Tailwind Utility Classes.

If you're developing a project adding styles to Yew please submit a PR adding yourself to this list!