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Version: 0.19.0



A proposal for integrated CSS support can be found here:

This contains a lot of discussion about how to best integrate CSS support into Yew.

Currently, the approach we've adopted is to encourage developers to build a number of systems, before adopting the most popular one.

The community are currently developing a number of projects to make it easy to add styles to projects. A few are given below:

Component Libraries

  • yew_styles - A styling framework for Yew without any JavaScript dependencies.
  • yew-mdc - Material Design Components.
  • muicss-yew - MUI CSS Components.
  • Yewtify – Implements the features provided by the Vuetify framework in Yew.

Styling Solutions

  • stylist - A CSS-in-Rust styling solution for WebAssembly Applications.

If you're developing a project adding styles to Yew please submit a PR adding yourself to this list!

Link to the file containing the list.