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Version: 0.20

Getting Started

You will need a couple of tools to compile, build, package and debug your Yew application. When getting started, we recommend using Trunk. Trunk is a WASM web application bundler for Rust.

Installing Rust

To install Rust, follow the official instructions.


The minimum supported Rust version (MSRV) for Yew is 1.56.1. Older versions can cause unexpected issues accompanied by incomprehensible error messages. You can check your toolchain version using rustup show (under "active toolchain") or alternatively rustc --version. To update your toolchain, run rustup update.

Install WebAssembly target

Rust can compile source codes for different "targets" (e.g. different processors). The compilation target for browser-based WebAssembly is called wasm32-unknown-unknown. The following command will add the WebAssembly target to your development environment.

rustup target add wasm32-unknown-unknown

Install Trunk

Trunk is the recommended tool for managing deployment and packaging, and is used throughout the documentation and examples.

# note that this might take a while to install, because it compiles everything from scratch
# Trunk also provides prebuilt binaries for a number of major package managers
# See for further details
cargo install --locked trunk

Other options

There are options other than Trunk that may be used for bundling Yew applications. You might want to try one of these options:

Next steps

With your development environment setup, you can now proceed with reading the documentation. If you like to learn by getting your hands dirty, we recommend you check out our tutorial